Our menu

Aqua Crua: a new way to experience food.

It’s a journey through Giuliano’s craziness to find a new restored balance in Taste.

The à la carte menu – the Carta Crua – is the keystone of everything. It comprehends a selection of traditional dishes. Carta Crua is the perfect counterweight to the excesses of the three menus. It’s a contrast that reflects the bi-polar soul of the chef, that swings between transgression and precision.

The three menus Iniziazione I, Iniziazione II and Iniziazione III (literally: Initiation) guide our guests in a progression of transgression that will allow them to experiment new tastes designed to incite their neurotransmitters. It will be necessary to start from the first menu, in order to let the chef bring you into his world – the three menus are designed as a journey – and to get to understand the experience that is about to be undertaken. The journey then continues with the next menus, expanding toward a new passionate and extreme truth which takes life every time one visits Aqua Crua.

The guests will always have the possibility to choose if they are ready to access the third menu, of course, because they will be able to understand the effect of our “final act”.

It’s a unique and surreal experience for every guest. All the walls fall, the senses are enhanced and the discomfort becomes a constructive experience.

Are you ready?